I sure would love to post some happy, feel-good stuff about fluffy bunnies and motherhood and how they intersect at regular intervals, I mean, I don’t know who YOU’RE talking to but ’round these parts we’ re all hugs and warm cookies, all the time, but unfortunately a certain 3-year-old and 15-month-old have spent the day kicking my ass and all I want to do is shout, “shut the fuck up Donny!” over and over.

So if you’re in a similar mood, picture me doing that.

Or if you’d rather something amusing, (not that the link above is not amusing, for it is, it is) there’s this story of a name, a woman and a series of emails gone terribly wrong.

Well. I found it amusing. That might be because of my previous work in the government with people just that fucking unhinged.

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