Two Things I Wrote (but not today)

One: The other day I got a comment on an old post I wrote about kids and spreadsheets. Yes. I am going to quote myself.

“Now I know how to use Excel and it seems a shame not to use that skill. I can see how some people would think that way about childbearing. You’ve got the skill, you’ve got the knowledge, you’ve got the crap in your storage locker already. What’s the big deal?”

I had forgotten about that post so I was glad to read it again and see that I was right: my second child was definitely a different kind of spreadsheet program than my first.

But contrary to my premise in that post, I don’t think the skill-set is useless. Now I am qualified to offer (un)solicited advice to twice as many people.

(The comment I got the other day was from someone telling me about Dyscalculia which is also known as math dyslexia. Good to know!)

Two: I wrote another post for the Canada Moms Blog. It’s about family doctors. It took me so long to write with all the computer issues* that I have no idea anymore whether or not it is coherent. Go! Check it out! Start a comment war! Or not!

* New computer will be arriving next week. Until then, I am sharing SA’s computer with him, which is great except that in the past couple of days it has started giving me a blank stare not unlike my old computer’s blank stare and now I am worried that I am some kind of Computer Killing Witch and will be forced to go back to writing in notebooks no one will ever see.

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