Informal Polling Week Continues

So I’m looking through facebook and there’s a gallery of wedding photos for someone I don’t know but who is friends with a “friend” of mine who is actually a girl who never spoke to me in high school but friended me in facebook and hasn’t said boo since.

Hey I get to fill my schadenfreude boots without leaving the house, I’m not leaving facebook now!

I’m looking at all these photos (bride and groom with doves; bride’s mother in some crazy chiffonade [I think that’s a cooking term but it really describes this dress perfectly]; eleventy-billion brides & groomspeople in alarming taffeta and boring suits, respectively) and everything seems a little off. I finally realize it is that none of these people is smiling with open mouths. So they all, to me, look kind of tense and like it’s not a very fun wedding.

I remember, then, that when I’ve looked at pictures of this particular “friend” and her friends and family, that she, her mother, her sisters and cousins, none of them shows teeth when she smiles. The men do. The men show their teeth but the women all look like they’re clenching something in there. Maybe they are doing keigels all the time? Even at weddings during photo shoots?

They can’t all have bad teeth. The extended family at the wedding included some non-relatives, the women all not showing teeth. I know that in my dad’s village in Italy, the bread is tough and the dentists are scarce so if no one in that village showed their teeth I would understand. But my dad shows his teeth. So does my aunt.

Anyway you know how you think the way you do something is the right and only way until suddenly you are faced with someone else’s right and only way? My question: Do you all smile with your mouths open or closed and is there a reason?

Second question. If you found, in your neighbourhood “Continuing Education” guide, a course called “Empire of Atlantis” the topics within which included: Refugees from the destruction of Lemuria, life in Atlantis and the spiritual characteristics of the people, classes of Atlantean society, the scientific projects of the technician class, the world wide Atlantean empire…and it was only $24 for 2 hours, would you sign up?

How about one called “Your DNA Message Centre”? Apparently magnetic DNA functions as a receiver for messages from other dimensions. Also only $24.

How about one called “Emotional Freedom Technique”? I could learn the tapping! “You will leave the workshop with a new tool to help yourself and loved ones.” (Is it a HAMMER!?)

Would you choose one OR spend the tax return and take all three?

Thanks in advance for your answers; there’s nothing more pathetic than crickets. Crickets. Crickets.

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