I have not, in fact, taken refuge beneath the couch. I have thought of this ‘blog fondly and often. But there just isn’t time to write. I still haven’t done my taxes (and I owe money so yes, this is sort of important) and every day 3:30 comes around and I think sweet pogo’d messiah of your choice, but time flies especially now that Saint Aardvark is home with us for a month (as of yesterday) and I am no longer spending afternoons earnestly counting down the minutes until he comes home from work to relieve me so that I may dip into the cooking sherry for relief with a clear conscience.

Those three days alone were very long. Oh my. Thursday especially when I was on my own, without even back-up from my mother, all day and the littler one decided no, he’d rather be held, thanks and the bigger one got crankalicious and we went OUTSIDE DAMMIT but it almost killed me. I finally got out to the street, both boys in the buggy (I am sternly corrected by Trombone if I refer to it as a stroller, there is a lot of stern correcting going on these days) and breathed the air and felt the wind on my skin and sighed ahhhh and enjoyed the moment immensely.

Turned out Trombone was getting a cold. The snot began to flow in earnest later that day and then poured forth on Friday. On Saturday, Saint Aardvark’s throat began to hurt and he was down. Mid-afternoon Saturday, I, who had been feeling smugly immune, was suddenly hit and then, you guessed it, our 6 day old baby got it. For fuck’s sake. Welcome to the world. Sorry about that.

Oh and then our downstairs internet connection went kaput. See – the downstairs is wirelessly connected to the upstairs and the upstairs is securely connected to the outside. The upstairs worked fine but my whole world is sort of downstairs-focused. If I go upstairs, Trombone wants to come too. If I go upstairs and take the baby, well, Trombone doubleplus wants to come too.

But as of today there is wireless connecting something to something else and the short of it is that my laptop is connected to something too and hey, look, I’m back on the Internet. All our colds are getting better, we have a new family doctor, my boobs are huge and the new baby is getting cuter and less yellow by the day. I make ’em jaundiced, y’all. So here. A photo of Junior. More posts as I gather strength.

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