Who Needs a Nanny-Cam?

If you want to know what your toddler has really been doing at daycare, I recommend the following:

1. Turn on “Treehouse” (Canadian all-kids programming, all the time, except for occasional “sponsored by Pull-Ups” bits) for the first time since you went back to work (approx. um 9 months ago – hey! coincidence?)

2. Watch your toddler name the characters in a show you have never seen before and thought he never had either (in this case “In the Night Garden”)

3. Listen to him predict the schedule for the day, which you can substantiate by following along in the TV guide. (Go Diego GO! Miffy! Baccardians! [which, at first, I thought was a show about rum, but is in fact the Backyardigans])

4. Forgive your daycare provider, as she has a real brat for a kid and it was a cold, rainy winter.

Optional next step: Go outside.

Optional next step #2: Leave TV on because it’s amusing to watch the kid get all the shows right (maybe he’s psychic?) and also you are too big to move.

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