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First of all, go listen to Radio Paradise because it rules.

Radio Paradise is where I first heard Eels , a good band.

Most of the good things in the world can be attributed to the mostly adorable boys of SLOAN! Omigod they rock. They just rock. Go away from your computer and buy some Sloan. Plus they're Canadian. Canadians Rock.

There once was a force named Alaric . He made all the girls cry and the boys fall over in dead swoons. Really.

Do you know about The Be Good Tanyas? They are the sweetest singing soul sisters since, well, since I've been alive.

I want to be in wilco because they make poetry and powerful, melodic music. At the same time. It doesn't suck.

Speaking of suck, a funny place to go is Barlow . If you are not in Canada you may not yet have heard their song "Walk Away". It will restore your faith in Shawn "Rusty" Mullins and his tune "Lullaby," that's how very bad it is. Even if you don't listen, check the lyrics page. Oy.

Quite possibly the best unclassifiable band I've ever heard: The New Pornographers . Also, click Neko Case on the list of Mint Artists. She sends shivers down my spine when she sings. And she's sexy.

But not as sexy as the stylings of MS SARAH WHEELER who will kick your ass in a dark alley and be smiling the whole time, only you won't know because it's dark. Just appreciate that she took the time.

More suckage with Evanescence... sorry kids, but I think most people can sing one shrill note for minutes at a time while a goateed weirdo tries to out-Limp Bizkit himself and a bunch of short boys stands around playing penis hockey and calling itself rock N roll.

No suckage with Aimee Mann. 1. Go buy all her albums. Maybe not the ones from when she was in Til Tuesday. 2. Listen very closely to them. 3. See her play live. 4. OK you're done now.

Do you like to rock? Really dirty, tight, pound-your-brains-out rock? Division of Laura Lee has got your rock, my rock and The Rock's rock, wrapped in a little bit of tinfoil and stashed in the back pocket of their vintage jeans. They're keeping it just to be polite. They don't need it. They've got their own.


There are movies. And then there's Office Space . Required viewing if you have worked, do work, will work or are avoiding at all costs working in an office.

Those who like it, are fanatics about the squirrel that goes weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Those who don't. Well.

Do you need theatre? Go to Blue Peanut Productions. They've got theatre.

I !love! Free Will Astrology My sign is a secret, though.

Laugh good funny times with

More offensive plus good funny times with T shirt hell. I want the Mario van Peebles shirt. Plus, they're all $17! 17!

Here is the space where I would link to a webpage all about the number 17 and its many uses in pop culture and the media. But that page doesn't exist yet.

Read the Rabbit! She is funnier than the number 17.

Read Abbie the Cat(t)! Adore it!

Gordon Campbell lives here! and you can send him a nice letter there! He would love to hear from you.

This is a site I use to keep track of the full moon so I know when to expect the crazy people: MOON!

A funny place with squirrels! and cute l'il shifty icons.

Art! Sheila Cockfield's art is spectacularly colourful and passionate.

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