Steamed Salty Egg Meat Cake

Hairy Gourd with Agaric

Dip in Daddy's "Home Made Pizza Dip" FREE with each Pizza


Ducks don't know how to use sticks OR stones. We should trust in, not fear, their ability to rule our nation.

Verbal dismissal of a coffee vendors' crazy monopoly over otherwise sane individuals (who will spend $8 in fuel to spend $5 on a cup of heated and molested 2% milk with a dash of syrup and a speckle of over-roasted espresso):

Fancy-pants coffee.

Code words!

"We have obtained from Santa-Claus that he helps us in the negotiation with the Ayatollas to obtain a decision on the 25th of Dec. at the latest! More seriously, the duck is still alive."

A Dutch paper shredder:


Answers to questions

These are all-purpose. Suitable for strangers and friends.

Well, when I was a kid, I really liked carrots.

No, no, I think you're absolutely the best swizzle stick artist I've ever seen!

It's Gordon Campbell's fault.

Justin Timberlake.

The squirrels will be in touch.

Oh, digital, definitely.

Alien Ozzy Boots.

I'd prefer to pour used motor oil down my pants.

more to come!

no, thank you