Hibbyduck: The world's most sophisticated Celebrity Duck

The life of a rock star is hard; the life of a beauty queen is tragic; and the life of a celebrity duck is not the bowl of delectable and de-boned bugs that some seem to think. Hibbyduck works hard. He plays hard. He never sleeps and rarely has time to cry. But for his people and his fellow ducks - celebrities or not, he will make the time. He will cry with you; at you; out to you. For understanding. For love. For respect.

Here are some opinions of Hibbyduck, which he writes when he has time, which isn't often. Between pond openings, his many duck wives and children and ghostwriting Hollywood blockbusters, he is usually too drained to create. But opinions he's got.

Sometimes, after nights in strange hotels and too many meals of cheeseburger and fries, Hibbyduck feels angsty. Like when your feet are all calcified and you can't scrape it all off and it's like crows are always dive-bombing your head for no reason and you're swimming in circles? Most ducks just complain. But Hibbyduck writes poetry. And YOU get to read it! So lucky.

A place for ducks! The Peabody Hotel is where Hibbyduck likes to stay. Motel 6 is a close second. They have much respect for ducks there.

Hibbyduck also recommends Ducks Unlimited for all your Duck Needs! Or just donate to them because you like ducks. Or if you feel guilty because one time you said a mean thing to a duck and you didn't think it could understand you? But now you know it did? It would be nice of you to donate something.

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all hail the duck!