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I Gotcher Bullets Right Here

Jeggings! Whenever I say the word ‘jeggings,’ SA squirms a little and kills a kitten. (no, not really, kitten-lovers) I was sort of ‘enh, things are weird in the world, see also: open toed booties’ but then I saw a … Continue reading

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There’s A Country Song in Here Somewhere

Not to be all Seinfeld about it but what is UP with people driving in the rain? We’ve had a stretch of sunny weather, feels like months, has probably been days, and today it’s raining and people are speeding! and … Continue reading

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Kindergarten has Two Ns

This morning Trombone and I attended an hour-long session at our local elementary school, a kind of “introduce your 3 year old to kindergarten, ever so gently and 18 months early” Provincial Government initiative called “Ready Set Learn.” The initiative … Continue reading

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