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Notes from Mother’s Journal: Thank Goodness for Television Edition

I have learned two important things in the past week, a week which has been spent alternating between reminiscing fondly about last Tuesday, the best day of my life*, and sinking knee-deep into despair because a day that good will … Continue reading

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When Stuffed Animals Attack

I have a stuffed animal … problem. It wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have kids; I would have lots of room for my stuffed animal friends if I didn’t have kids. Har! But the problem is this: I … Continue reading

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Dear Children, Even when you get up too early and sing all the time I can see, intellectually, that it’s a good thing. Much as I might want to sleep longer and have the world be quiet, I can’t help … Continue reading

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Five Good and Five Bad

OH the children, right now. The children. I can see and understand that my kids are testing me and acting out because: they are starting school and change is scary and life is flux. The weather is hot and it … Continue reading

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My Grand Annual Tradition of Money-Wastery

I sure wish I had it in me to write something meaningful and profound today. But I don’t. We went to the PNE (a local, annual fair and amusement park) yesterday. While at the PNE I realized that going to … Continue reading

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